Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chesil Beach!

This is a beach that I visited in the summer, I did initially have great difficulty finding it, but once I did, I was were amazed. It is awesome, and appears to stretch for miles, which of course it doesnt, it actually stretches for 17 miles. This picture was taken from a hill overlooking the beach! The amazing thing about Chessil is that to get to the water you need to ascend a mound of pebbles and shingle, only to then descend the mound to get to the waters edge

The above picture is probably the more familiar scene, with the rock which is Portland clearly visible from the beach. Chessil is one of the largest barrier beaches in the world, consisting of pebbles and shingle that have withstood the fullforce of the Atlantic Ocean for thousands of years, The beach protects 'the fleet', which is the largest tidal lagoon in Britain