Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gateway-Towns - Lyme Regis

The Jurassic Coast by its very nature is 95 miles long, but only a few metres wide. It is served by a handfull of towns, known as gateway towns. They are located very close to the Coast, providing serves for visitors such as hotels, guest-houses, restaurants, shopping facilities, museams and information

The clay cliffs around Lyme Regis are about 200 million years old, marking the start of the Jurassic period, capped by sandstone of about 100 million years in age. After heavy winter rains, huge mudslides flow onto the beach, where they are washed away by rough seas, uncovering the fossils

Lyme Regis is served by a Tourist Information Centre and Museum. You can also take boat trips from here, enabling the viewing of the Jurassic Coast from the sea, possibly the best way to see it

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